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"We will never spray in your yard what we wouldn't spray in ours!"

Bite Back Tick And Mosquito Control New Jersey
"As a mom, you’re always focused on your kids total well-being. So while I wanted to be rid of ticks and mosquitoes I also didn’t want to spray toxic, unhealthy pesticides around them or their environment."
Bite Back Tick And Mosquito Control New Jersey
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Our Story

I would like to share my story with you on how Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control came to be.

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Living in Monmouth County with my husband, three kids, and two dogs, I dreamt of exploring the beautiful woods surrounding our new home. But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare – ticks!

We started finding them everywhere! The first one, mistaken for a bead, was a horrifying sight on my kitchen floor. Then, the unthinkable – a couple of ticks on our 7-year-old son!

Concerned about your family’s health? Tired of harsh chemicals near your home?

There’s a better way! Here’s my story and the amazing solution I found to keep our yard tick (and mosquito!) free – naturally!

Chemical Sprays Not an Option?

Fortunately, the proximity of our precious brook meant harsh chemical sprays weren’t a solution. So, my husband bravely battled the brush – only to get nightly tick “souvenirs” for his efforts.

From Nightmare to Victory!

Then, came the discovery of a tiny tick on my toe. That “peppercorn” turned out to be a deer tick nymph, requiring strong antibiotics and leaving me bedridden with pain. Lyme disease worries haunted me, especially with neighbors already suffering.

Safe & Effective: The Natural Choice

Years of searching for a safe, effective solution led me to a breakthrough: natural tick and mosquito control using essential oils. This eco-friendly hero wreaked havoc on pests without harming my family or the environment!

Your Dream Yard Awaits!

I’m so passionate about this solution that I want to help others avoid our nightmare. This natural option is just as effective as harsh chemicals, but without the neurotoxins. We offer competitive prices and guaranteed satisfaction because your family’s well-being is our priority.

Don’t let ticks steal your outdoor fun! Learn more about this amazing solution and reclaim your dream yard – naturally!

A walk in the woods where it all started.

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natural tick control and mosquito control
natural tick control and mosquito control