Cutter Tick Test Kit

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For when you aren’t home, Bite Back offers the Cutter Lyme disease tick test kit. Contact us for customer pricing.

Discovering a tick on yourself or your pet can be terrifying if you live in an area prone to Lyme disease. Get a quick answer with the new Cutter Lyme Disease Tick Test. An inexpensive, 99.9% accurate DNA test that checks the tick, not you or your pet, will let you know if the tick is a carrier of Lyme disease. The kit includes a specimen bag, tick remover, control labels, Lyme disease test submission form, and a pre-addressed mailing label. Simply remove the tick with the included tool, place it in the bag, and drop it in the mail. All you have to do is remove the tick safely (from the head, with the included tool), stick it in the bag, and drop it in the mail. Get notified within 3 days of receipt of sample – no extra costs. Always contact your doctor or veterinarian regardless of test results. It’s important to the health of you and your pet to have an accurate diagnosis in the case of tick bites so appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Key Benefits

  • Designed to test the tick, not you or your pet.
  • Easy to use – remove the tick, place in the bag, and drop in the mail.
  • 99.9% accuracy delivered within 3 business days of receipt of sample.
  • Portable and easily used wherever you go – camping, hiking, golfing.
  • Testing is provided by the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory, East Stroudsburg University, PA.

What’s Included

Easy To Use Tick Remover, Alcohol Wipe, Specimen Poly Bag, 3 Control Labels, Tick/Lyme Test Submission Form, Pre-Addressed Mailing Label, All In A Handy Durable Plastic Box.

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