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Inspection Process

At Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control, our technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of each property during every visit to ensure thorough and effective pest control. This detailed inspection process is designed to identify and address potential issues that could contribute to pest infestations, ensuring long-term protection and customer satisfaction. Here is an in-depth look at how our technicians inspect the property while treating it:

1. Initial Property Assessment

Upon arrival, our technicians conduct an initial assessment of the entire property. This involves walking the perimeter and surveying key areas to get an overall sense of the environment and identify any immediate concerns.

2. Inspection

  • Standing Water: Technicians meticulously check for standing water, which can serve as mosquito breeding sites. This includes examining areas like bird baths, plant saucers, buckets, and other containers.
  • Unused Pools and Ponds: We inspect any pools, ponds, or water features to ensure they are properly maintained or treated. Stagnant water in these areas can be a significant risk.
  • Drain Extensions and Downspouts: Our team examines drain extensions and downspouts for proper water flow and looks for signs of blockage that might cause water to pool near the foundation.
  • Clogged Gutters: Gutters are inspected for clogs and debris. Blocked gutters can hold water, providing a breeding ground for pests.
  • Overgrown Vegetation: We check for overgrown areas, including tall grass, shrubs, and other vegetation. Dense foliage can harbor ticks and provide shelter for mosquitoes.
  • Outdoor Structures: Sheds, playsets, and other outdoor structures are inspected for any signs of pest activity or areas where pests might nest.

3. Treatment Application

  • Targeted Spraying: Based on the inspection findings, our technicians apply eco-friendly and effective treatments to targeted areas. This includes ground-level spraying to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Larvicides and Adulticides: Depending on the situation, we use larvicides to target mosquito larvae in standing water and adulticides to eliminate adult mosquitoes and ticks.

4. Monitoring and Documentation

  • Detailed Reporting: After the inspection and treatment, our technicians document their findings, noting any issues identified and the steps taken to address them. 
  • Photographic Evidence: We include photographs from the ground inspections to highlight problem areas and demonstrate the effectiveness of our treatments.

5. Customer Communication

  • Education and Recommendations: Our technicians educate the property owner on potential risk factors and provide recommendations for maintaining a pest-free environment. This might include advice on proper yard maintenance, water management, and vegetation control.
  • Follow-Up Visits: If significant issues are found, we schedule follow-up visits to re-inspect and re-treat the property as necessary. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we are always ready to address concerns promptly.

6. Regular Maintenance and Preventative Measures

  • Scheduled Treatments: We offer regular maintenance treatments every 21 days for all-natural sprays and every 6 weeks for other treatments. These scheduled visits help maintain a pest-free environment year-round.
  • Preventative Solutions: Our technicians provide ongoing recommendations and solutions to prevent future infestations, ensuring that our customers’ properties remain safe and comfortable.

Through this meticulous inspection and treatment process, Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control ensures that every property receives the highest level of care and protection against pests. Our combination of detailed inspections and effective treatments guarantees long-lasting results and customer satisfaction.

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natural tick control and mosquito control
natural tick control and mosquito control