Terms & Conditions

You, the customer, may cancel this transaction at anytime prior to midnight of the scheduled day of service, by emailing a cancellation to Bite Back Tick & Mosquito at .


If for any reason, at any time, the contract is canceled before its completion, and the initial service has been performed, the customer agrees to pay the balance of the account with the credit card on file.


Upon approval of this agreement treatments will continue at the same frequency until canceled by the customer. Otherwise, the service will auto-renew year over year.


Service will be scheduled for every 3 weeks (weather permitting) Spring-Fall. If service is stopped or skipped free resprays will not be provided.


Always use reasonable precautions while outside, such a long pants, shirts and use bugs spray.


We do not guarantee you will not be bitten by a tick or mosquito and contract disease/illness such as, EEE, West Nile or Lyme disease. Our goal is control so you can Enjoy More Time Outside, we cannot eliminate all tick or mosquito activity from your property, but the overall numbers will decrease.


Complimentary inspections and resprays if needed are included with seasonal pre-pay only. Call backs unrelated to our treatments will be charged a $99.88 trip charge.


Free resprays will be provided up to 14 days from your last service.


All outstanding balances must be paid prior to the respray. Your regular schedule must remain in place for maximum effectiveness.