Terms & Conditions

To receive the pre-pay discount the invoice must be paid in full prior to service. We do accept PayPal which you may qualify for 6 months interest free financing if preferred. 

It takes 3 treatments to fully break the mosquito breeding cycle.

In the rare event a respray is needed they will be provided 7 days to 14 days after the second treatment. If you would like a respray after 14 days you have the option of scheduling your next visit sooner if our routing permits. If scheduled treatments are not followed, resprays will not be included.

If any areas of the yard are excluded by customer request from treatments our respray guarantee is void.

The Full season is from the end of April through September.

All estimate reflect a start date based on the submission and will reflect the amount of treatments left in the season. The full season is 8 treatments.

Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control reserves the right to modify prices at any time due to cost fluctuations. We aim to ensure the continued quality of our services while adapting to changing operational and market conditions.

An off-route charge (starting at $45) will be added if your scheduled appointment is changed at your request, and we do not have another local route on the requested date and time. This is to cover the additional cost of travel time and employee salary.

You, the customer, may cancel this transaction at anytime prior to midnight of the scheduled day of service, by emailing a cancellation to Bite Back Tick & Mosquito at . You will receive the unused balance promptly.

If for any reason, at any time, this may be canceled before its completion, and the initial service has been performed, the customer agrees to pay the balance of the account with the credit card on file. The unused balance on the account will be issued. We DO NOT have contracts. 

All agreements are for spray only up to 1/2 acre unless noted on the estimate and invoice.

Customers are expected to maintain their property with grass at acceptable levels and not overgrown. Standing water should be corrected. Homes with overgrown areas can not be guaranteed and may be subject to a trip charge. We will gladly discuss all observations with the customers so they may correct ongoing issues. 

Technicians will not walk in areas they deem unsafe. This includes areas with poison ivy, generally overgrown conditions and areas where they can not see where their feet are stepping. It is the technicians discretion. 

Upon approval of this agreement treatments will continue at the same frequency until canceled by the customer. Otherwise, the service will auto-renew year over year.

Service will be scheduled for every 3 weeks (weather permitting) Spring-Fall. If service is stopped or skipped free resprays will not be provided.

Always use reasonable precautions while outside, such a long pants, shirts and use bugs spray.

We do not guarantee you will not be bitten by a tick or mosquito and contract disease/illness such as, EEE, West Nile or Lyme disease. Our goal is control so you can Enjoy More Time Outside, we cannot eliminate all tick or mosquito activity from your property, but the overall numbers will decrease.

Call backs unrelated to our treatments will be charged a $149.88 trip charge. This includes overgrown conditions, standing water and issues on neighboring properties.

We reserve the right to refund the unused balance for any account for any reason. 

All outstanding balances must be paid prior to the respray. Your regular schedule must remain in place for maximum effectiveness. If the scheduled service is cancelled after the respray that respray will be charged at the per treatment price.