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The story of Buddy the butterfly.

Hi, my name is Buddy the butterfly and I would like to tell you the story about how I came to be the protector of humans, their fur babies, as well as the environment they live in.        Bite Back Tick And Mosquito Control New Jersey      

Many years ago I saw so many Moms and Dads trying to protect their families from ticks and mosquitoes. They didn’t know what to do, so they used the only available option at the time, toxic, unhealthy, chemical, pesticide companies. When the technicians from these companies came to spray they had to wear respirators to protect them from the poison that they sprayed all over the yard. On top of that, they had to keep everyone inside for A long time after these unhealthy chemicals were sprayed. Many of my family members and other essential insects were killed and the ecosystem suffered greatly. I saw so many moms and dad’s having such an enormous amount of anxiety whenever their kids and pets would touch the bushes and shrubbery or when the pets would sniff or lick them. I understood their anguish and anxiety because no one wants their family or pets around unhealthy toxic chemicals.

Mosquito And Tick Control Near Me

I knew there had to be a better way! My mission was now clear. I needed to develop an all natural, safe and healthy, tick and mosquito product that would effectively eliminate ticks and mosquitoes without exposing families or pets to unhealthy, toxic chemicals and without killing off all our beautiful essential insects and contaminating our water supply. I worked day and night and tested many different natural variations using different combinations of essential oils and soap. After a long time of researching and product testing my formula was finally complete! I was so happy and excited to share my new product to people and families everywhere because I knew, that now, they would be able to truly enjoy their yards worry free not only from ticks and mosquitoes but also from toxic, unhealthy chemicals and pesticides that harm everyone and everything around them. The best part is that my product has a citronella type of scent so not only does it kill ticks and mosquitoes and also repels them from even coming into the yard.

Thank you so much for listening to my story and for loving and caring so much about your family, pets and our environment!
Love and hugs,
Buddy Butterfly♥️🌎🐝🦋

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