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Asian Tiger Mosquitoes in New Jersey: A Growing Concern

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The Asian Tiger mosquito, also known as Aedes albopictus, is a species of mosquitoes that have become a growing concern in New Jersey and other parts of the world. Originally native to Southeast Asia, they have now spread to many other regions, including the United States. These mosquitoes are recognizable by their distinctive black and white striped appearance and are known for being aggressive daytime biters.

The rise of Asian Tiger mosquitoes in New Jersey has brought with it a range of health concerns, as they are known to carry and transmit a variety of diseases. Some of the illnesses they are capable of transmitting include dengue fever, chikungunya, and Zika virus. These diseases can have serious consequences for those who contract them and can lead to long-term health issues.

Given the potential risks associated with Asian Tiger mosquitoes, it is important for residents of New Jersey to be aware of the measures they can take to protect themselves from these pests. One of the most effective ways to prevent mosquito breeding is to eliminate standing water around the home, as this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Additionally, residents can protect themselves from bites by using mosquito repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, and staying indoors during peak mosquito hours (dawn and dusk).

While these preventive measures are important, they may not be enough to fully protect you and your family from the threat of Asian Tiger mosquitoes. In these cases, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a licensed pest control professional, such as Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control.

Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control is a company that provides all-natural pest control services to residents of New Jersey. Their innovative and eco-friendly approach to pest control makes them a great choice for those who want to protect their families and their environment. Their services are designed to address the specific needs of each customer and are tailored to effectively control and manage the Asian Tiger mosquito population in your area.

With their all-natural approach to pest control, Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control provides a safe and effective solution to the growing problem of Asian Tiger mosquitoes in New Jersey. So if you are concerned about the impact these pests are having on your health and the health of your family, consider reaching out to Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control today to learn more about how their services can help.



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