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The Problem

As a mom, I understand how upsetting it is to find a tick on your baby or pet. After moving to a new house, we found that there was a large number of ticks. When we called the pest control companies near me, we were told they couldn’t spray where the ticks were because it was too close to a stream. We needed an all-natural tick spray for the yard.

Natural Tick Control And Mosquito Control
All Natural
Ticks In Nj, All Natural, Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control Company In Manalapan Nj. An Image Clearly Showing That As The Number One Mosquito &Amp; Tick Control Company In Manalapan Nj, We Can Help Get Your Yard Back And Safe From Pests.

The Solution

After years of research, my mission was to find a completely natural tick spray solution. This is how Bite Back was born. Let’s take care of your mosquito and tick problems with an eco-friendly, and safe solution that is just as effective as the neurotoxins used by others.

We know the sickening feeling when you go for a nice walk outdoors or come home from a park with your kids and there it is. You stomach drops and you remove it as fast as you can and want to identify that tick as soon as possible to see if it is one that carries Lyme disease. Ticks are not insects, but are more closely related to spiders and mites. There are four species of ticks that are of medical and veterinary importance in New Jersey. All four pass through 4 stages of development: egg, larva, nymph, and the sexually differentiated adult. In addition, the ticks discussed here are 3-host ticks; they must locate and feed upon 3 different hosts in order to complete their life cycle. The animals that provide the blood meal are termed maintenance hosts. With the possible exception of the brown dog tick, these ticks are not host-specific and, thus, will feed on a variety of vertebrates, including mammals, birds, reptiles and incidental humans. Although birds are important maintenance hosts, they are not considered to be significant reservoirs of tick-borne pathogens, as they are more important for their ability to rapidly disperse ticks to new geographical areas.

How ticks find their hosts

Ticks find their hosts by detecting animals body odors and animals breath, or by sensing body heat, moisture, and vibrations. Some species can even recognize your shadow. Ticks pick a place to wait by identifying well-used paths. Then they wait for a host, resting on the tips of grasses and shrubs. Ticks can’t fly or jump, but many tick species wait in a position known as questing.While questing, ticks hold onto leaves and grass by their third and fourth pair of legs. They hold the first pair of legs outstretched, waiting to climb on to the host. When a host brushes the spot where a tick is waiting, it quickly climbs aboard. Some ticks will attach quickly, and others will wander, looking for places like the ear, or other areas where the skin is thinner.

Preventing ticks in your NJ yard

  • Remove leaf litter.
  • Clear tall grasses and brush around homes and at the edge of lawns.
  • Place a 3-ft wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration into recreational areas.
  • Mow the lawn frequently.
  • Stack wood neatly and in a dry area (discourages rodents).
  • Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees.
  • Discourage unwelcome animals (such as deer, raccoons, and stray dogs) from entering your yard by constructing fences.
  • Remove old furniture, mattresses, or trash from the yard that may give ticks a place to hide.

How ticks spread disease

Ticks transmit pathogens that cause disease through the process of feeding.

  • Depending on the tick species and its stage of life, preparing to feed can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours. When the tick finds a feeding spot, it grasps the skin and cuts into the surface.
  • The tick then inserts its feeding tube. Many species also secrete a cement-like substance that keeps them firmly attached during the meal. The feeding tube can have barbs which help keep the tick in place.
  • Ticks also can secrete small amounts of saliva with anesthetic properties so that the animal or person can’t feel that the tick has attached itself. If the tick is in a sheltered spot, it can go unnoticed.
  • A tick will suck the blood slowly for several days. If the host animal has a bloodborne infection, the tick will ingest the pathogens with the blood.
  • Small amounts of saliva from the tick may also enter the skin of the host animal during the feeding process. If the tick contains a pathogen, the organism may be transmitted to the host animal in this way.
  • After feeding, most ticks will drop off and prepare for the next life stage. At its next feeding, it can then transmit an acquired disease to the new host.

Ticks acquire hosts via questing or host-seeking behavior, which largely determines the type of animal that is parasitized. Because of its importance as the vector of Lyme disease, human babesiosis, and human anaplasmosis, the black-legged tick receives the greatest emphasis, but major differences in the biology, behavior, and ecology of the other tick species are noted. Click HERE is you need to identify a tick. Contact us for New Jersey’s BEST, All Natural Tick Control and Mosquito Control Spray solution. We service clients in multiple New Jersey counties including Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Mercer County and Ocean County

Blacklegged Tick
Lone Star Tick
American Dog Tick
Brown Dog Tick

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Mar 7, 2019 — The Gulf Coast tick isn’t present in New Jersey yet, but the authors of the study believe it will eventually arrive.




Areas covered by Buddy’s All Natural Fight

Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control offers effective solutions throughout much of New Jersey, including Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer and Ocean counties. Contact us to find out if we can help you.

This Picture Shows The Area Bite Back Tick And Mosquito Control Services. All Of Monmouth County Nj, Mercer County Nj, Middlesex County Nj And Parts Of Ocean County Nj.

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Customer Reviews

Ruth Adelman
Ruth Adelman
16:59 26 Jul 22
They are very accommodating when it comes to changing the scheduled times. Also, this product works well and is safe... for pets and children. It works better then the other companies we have used in the past who are using dangerous more
Emily Dudek
Emily Dudek
21:07 12 Jul 22
The Company was very responsive to my initial inquiry and immediately put my home on the schedule for treatment. They... came out a few days later for the 1st treatment. The tech, Rob, was very polite and thorough in application. We saw immediate results! No more dogs covered in ticks (which occurred still after using a different company that sprayed chemicals) and no mosquito bites until the day before 2nd treatment. Very happy with this service! We live against a wooded area/wetlands and this year was particularly bad with ticks, but we haven’t had any issue since switching to Bite Back! Highly recommend for safe and effective treatment of my property that I can feel comfortable sending my dogs and daughter out to play on after!read more
Rochelle Morales
Rochelle Morales
18:34 08 Jul 22
Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control are extremely professional and reliable. I have a dog and was worried about having... a service come and spray, however I never was able to utilize my yard in the past. I am more comfortable knowing that they use 100% Natural Solution to treat the yard. Now we can enjoy the yard and not worry about mosquitoes and more
Michelle P
Michelle P
21:14 06 Jul 22
Ron was fantastic! He gave great advice on how to reduce the bugs, did everything we asked and was nice and polite.... Thank you again bite back, for all of your help this summer season!read more
Michelle Fiorillo
Michelle Fiorillo
14:58 21 Jun 22
I have a beautiful yard that’s perfect for entertaining, except I’ve been bombarded by mosquitoes and ticks since we... moved in 9 years ago, so it’s challenging to entertain. Bite Back cones every 3 weeks and I haven’t seen one tick or mosquito since they started spraying. I’ve also suffered with chronic Lyme for many years so I know how important it is to not only be careful with ticks, but to avoid chemicals and pesticides. This was a perfect solution and I can’t thank you enough for letting us enjoy our yard again and feel safe doing more
The Farm Mechanic, Llc.
The Farm Mechanic, LLC.
14:58 20 Jun 22
We’ve had major mosquito problems for years and have used so many different services. This is the first year we... actually get to enjoy our deck and entire backyard. Ron is not only professional, but he truly cares about finding the best solution to keep your family safe and happy. He’s gone above and beyond to help us remedy our mosquito, midge and tick problem What’s even better, in our opinion, is that it’s all non-toxic .We’re forever grateful that we found Ron and Bite Back and would highly recommend Bite Back to anyone who asks!read more
Steve Silva
steve silva
20:12 19 Jun 22
The team at Bite Back are true professionals. We used them because we wanted a 100% natural solution to our mosquito... issues. We've tried other companies like Mosquito Joe in the past, and they all mostly suffer from poor customer service and follow through. The other companies would be in and out in less than five minutes and would cut corners, leading to the product not working as it should.Bite Back is extremely thorough and makes sure to address all of our problem areas. Ron even took the time to take care of an issue where my hose bucket was accumulating water and leading to mosquito breeding. He dumped everything out and applied an all natural granular and sent me a picture explaining what he did. You simply won't get this from another company. As long as we are provided with this level of service, we'll be customers for life!read more
Rich Anderson
Rich Anderson
13:10 16 Jun 22
Timely and professional service to protect our family from ticks. Advance communication prior to arrival is very... helpful in planning around our busy days. Highly recommend!read more
Natan Revinov
Natan Revinov
01:11 15 Jun 22
Amazingly great, very nice people and professional. Very super quick response at anytime.Always on time and on point... with advices!read more
Anne Marie Dolinac
anne marie dolinac
22:12 08 Jun 22
Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control is wonderful! My landscapers were working in the backyard and for the first time... had no Mosquito bites. I spent 2 hours planting flowers and no ticks or mosquitoes!read more
Norman Chan
Norman Chan
19:51 07 Jun 22
Bite Back Tick and Mosquito came to my property the very next day. They explained the procedure which made us feel... comfortable since we have children running around in the yard. Our service technician came in shorts and didn't wear a mask, so if that isn't proof how safe the products they use, then I don't know what is. Very responsive, professional and highly recommend if you're worried about questionable chemicals being used by the other more
Alissa Lansing
Alissa Lansing
23:34 03 Jun 22
The product also exterminated ticks as well. The owner and representative are both extremely professional. I highly... recommend this company and more
William Singerline
William Singerline
16:53 09 May 22
I called BiteBack for treatment and prevention of ticks and mosquitos. Everyone at BiteBack has been super helpful and... communication has been great. Any questions I had were answered almost immediately. I’m loving the service because it’s natural and safe for my kids and pets. Andrew came out and treated the property, giving special attention to where our kids play and where we spend most of our time more
Charlie Caracozza
Charlie Caracozza
16:09 02 May 22
Also Tick extermination, prompt, quick response time, thorough treatment
Renee Figurski
Renee Figurski
17:45 26 Apr 22
Today was our first treatment. Andrew texted me to let me know he on his way. He was pleasant, professional and... efficient.Many more
J Levenson
J Levenson
16:31 25 Apr 22
We've been finding so many ticks on our poor boys, we knew we needed to do something. We've always had mosquitos, so... this was the tipping point for us to take action. I reached out Saturday afternoon and got an immediate response. They sent an estimate Saturday evening. I was able to pay online and they scheduled us right away. Andrew just left. They were communicative, friendly, prompt and thorough. He even made sure our gate was closed when he left, even though it's a difficult gate.We couldn't be happier and are looking forward to being able to enjoy our yard this season. If you have any doubts, or are vacillating, take this as your sign to get it done. The ticks alone have been increasing in frequency- it's totally worth the peace of mind!read more
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker
04:34 27 Dec 21
Excellent service..we love our mosquito free yard season after season. ticks too! It's priceless for the ticks alone!... I'm an landscaper and visit multiple homes daily and can always tell the yards that aren't treated. I highly recommend Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Contrail, the folks at this company are knowledgeable and friendly too!read more
David Michael
David Michael
13:54 09 Dec 21
We have used Bite Back for the last year. Their products work and there customer service is outstanding! Their... employees are always on time and courteous. Highly recommend! more
Matt Morelli
Matt Morelli
19:14 15 Oct 21
Excellent services. Fast call backs and response times. Ron is the best. The spray works and is very effective... and safe for kids and petsread more
Joseph Agozzino
Joseph Agozzino
15:02 03 Oct 21
After being constantly being chewed up alive by mosquitoes in my backyard, I gave them a call and the results were... amazing, its been 3 days already and and not one mosquito bite. I definitely will be using them more more
George Kreykenbohm
George Kreykenbohm
18:35 10 Sep 21
You can search all you want to find a way to be rid of pests that limit your use of your back yard. Or you can just... call bite back. Know that their service is safe, professional , and wonderfully adequate. Highly knowledgeable. Willing to answer any and all questions. Or you can waste your money again going with promises from the usual companies. For me. I will never use any other company but Bite Backread more
Lina Sh
Lina Sh
15:10 10 Sep 21
Awesome service! Being a dog mom I Love that they use natural & organic sprays that I can feel good about while still... protecting our house. Noticed a huge difference in the amount of mosquitos on our property and the earwigs in the house. Our tech was super helpful with hints and tips and kept us updated while we were out. Would 100% recommend and will continue using moving forward!read more
Saleh Ahwal
saleh ahwal
17:43 31 Aug 21
Ron is very detailed and professional. He sends us a reminder a day or two before our scheduled appointment, he also... lets us know when he is on his way.He checks any containers that have rain collected in them that we overlook and notifies us if there is something that may cause bug infestation on our property.The ingredients he uses in his spray doesn’t make me sick and my son with severe asthma has not had any attacks this whole season with Bite Back sprays. I also have a parrot and birds so there is no worry with their natural spray.I love that they pay more attention to spray my kids’ play area so they can play longer hours without getting frustrated by mosquitoes.I’m actually so glad I decided to have them spray and I am very satisfied with their service and definitely recommend them to more
Ron Snow
Ron Snow
21:37 28 Jul 21
I read their story and I admire and appreciate the fact that Bite Back Tick and Mosquito Control is a local mom owned... business who suffered from the same problems that my and many other families have dealt with from other mosquito and tick businesses. I called to sign up and they are as considerate and friendly as can be. They only use natural products that work effectively and safely to allow the family and I to enjoy our yard without any worries about unhealthy cheaply made synthetic chemicals. I enthusiastically approve Bite Back because they are the finest New Jersey has to more
Victoria Richards
Victoria Richards
00:30 22 Jun 21
I use them every 3 weeks and they do a very good, thorough job. They are so nice and polite, always text you the day... before to remind, and 30 minutes before arrival. The person spraying also messages you when he is done. So very personable! Haven’t had a mosquito problem yet or tick for that matter and my two dogs lay out on my grass all day more
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