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Masses Of Mosquitoes Hatching In NJ As July Rains Continue | Across New Jersey, NJ Patch

Masses Of Mosquitoes Hatching In NJ As July Rains Continue – Across New Jersey, NJ – The heavy rains have been very beneficial for mosquito populations around New Jersey. See some tips to reduce their presence in your yard:

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NEW JERSEY — July rains have soaked various parts of New Jersey, and that means mosquitoes are starting to bite residents around the state as the moisture and flooding helps hatch their eggs.

Scott Crans, administrator of the state Mosquito Control Commission, told Patch that heavy rain will benefit the mosquito population – and create nuisances for New Jersey residents, as well as a public health hazard from the diseases they carry.

The amount of rainfall so far this month has caused “a major increase” in nuisance calls, and there has also been “a significant uptick in mosquito egg hatching,” said the state Department of Environmental Protection.

“Mosquito control teams are pretty much working around the clock to address nuisance situations,” a DEP spokesperson told Patch on Wednesday (July 12).

Heavy rainfall impacted counties including Camden, Somerset, and Warren at the beginning of this week, and more strong showers are forecast in the Garden State beginning Thursday and lasting until at least next Tuesday.


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