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What do you really know about permethrin?

permethrin toxicity in cats

Our safe and all natural treatments are provided every 3 weeks to help keep your family bite free. Our technicians will also inspect your property for issues and correct them when possible. They will inform you of ongoing conditions that will need to be fixed such as standing water, overgrown vegetation, car tires etc. Each home is different, and we will make recommendations based on your property. When you join Bite Back you are part of our family. We aren’t happy until you are happy, and we will never spray in your yard what we wouldn’t spray in ours.

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What do you really know about permethrin? Many Pest control companies use synthetic permethrin in their tick and mosquito control treatments but what do you really know about it? Permethrin is a restricted use pesticide that contains carcinogens. It is highly toxic and can be fatal to cats and have adverse health effects. Cats are especially sensitive to this compound because they are unable to break down this toxin as they lack the liver enzyme to do so. Instead, the chemical builds up in their bodies causing serious illness or death. Pet owners should be extremely careful when applying any permethrin containing product within their cats environment.

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Unfortunately, permethrin poisoning in cats is very common. There are several signs and symptoms of permethrin poisoning cats can exhibit. Effects of permethrin poisoning can start presenting within just one hour of being exposed. The signs and symptoms to be aware of include: panting, drooling or vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, skin irritation, ear flicking/twitching, facial twitching, twitching or muscle tremors, loss of coordination or seizures.  If your cat starts to exhibit any of these signs, seek veterinary advice and treatment immediately. Without treatment, the chance of survival is extremely low.

Permethrin Toxicity In Cats

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